Balochistan Levies Force operates as main law enforcement agency in the province with a history of over hundred years of excellence and service in more than 90% of the territory of Balochistan.

Balochistan Levies Force have a history of huge sacrifices in the line of duty and never ceased to serve with devotion and zeal. With the advent of new challenges in 21st century, the Force have been evolved on modern lines to adapt to the current challenges in maintaining law and order. It has to served professionally and valiantly in the face of every odd.

Currently, numerous innovations and efforts of revamping are underway and since assuming the office as Director General Balochistan Levies Force, new wings have been added i.e. Counter-Terrorism, digital communication, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor security, intelligence and investigation, Quick Response Force and bomb disposal squads, Special Socio Economic and Protection wing, Kumak and Anti-Smuggling Units. Along with these, hundreds of new members have been recruited through a transparent mode of selection and trained with modern counter-terrorism and Law enforcement techniques with the support and cooperation of Pak Army to inculcate excellence and professionalism in the members.

Hand to hand with such revamping and reorganization, Balochistan Levies Force has been on the front line during natural disasters and calamities as evident during COVID-19 emergency, snowfall, tribal disputes, polio vaccination. Furthermore, Sports activities have been initiated among members of the Balochistan Levies Force and National level teams for different sports have been raised to represent the force at the national level.

With the strong support of the Government of Balochistan, Balochistan Levies Force is emerging as a professional and organized force and shall continue rendering their services to the people with efficiency and high spirit.


Director General

Balochistan Levies Force