Message from worthy Chief Minister, Government of Balochistan

Prosperity and economic growth depend upon peaceful and secure environment which has been one of the top priorities of Government of Balochistan and Balochistan Levies Force with its glowing history of sacrifices, has always been instrumental to help achieve this. Being one of the oldest community policing in Pakistan, Balochistan Levies Force has been rendering great services to maintain Law and Order with high spirit and diligence in the vast territory of the province of Balochistan.
Having hands-on knowledge of the customs, traditions and cultural values of the province, the force has compatibility with the temperament and the cultural impulses of the people of Balochistan. Being multi tasked oriented force, Balochistan Levies Force has evolved in recent times and it has most important role in security of mega projects, security to foreign delegations and also helping government in tackling calamities and pandemic as a front-line force.
Government of Balochistan is working to build capacity and to enhance professional skills, efficacy and moral of the force and has initiated intensive revamping and restructuring programs for Balochistan Levies Force in order to make it an efficient and modern force so that it continues serving people and the motherland with zeal and utmost devotion.
I pay special tribute to all “Shuhada” of Balochistan Levies Force who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty to ensure peace in the province.