Our Vision is to be a World-class policing service Capable of delivering a planned, democratic, protective, and peaceful service up to the standard of international best practice.



Our mission is to partner with the community to solve problems and to maintain public safety while preserving tribal norms; preventing and investigating crime; to bring offenders to justice and to provide efficient and courteous service.




Balochistan Levies Force is a community force in the province of Balochistan. It operates as one of two primary law enforcement agencies tasked with maintaining law and order in the province. The levies force has jurisdiction in most districts of Balochistan. The force has its origins back in the days of the British Raj and has continued to function for over a century. It is headed by a Director General and is mostly constituted by local security personnel, including Baloch and Pashtun officers. The Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners and Tehsildars commands Levies force at district, sub divisional and tehsil level respectively.

Historically, the province has been divided into “A” and “B” Areas for policing. Area under category A include urban zones and these are under the jurisdiction of police. B areas are made up of rural areas, which are under the jurisdiction of Balochistan Levies Force.  “A” area only makes up 10% of the province, whereas, the B areas constitutes 90% of the province. Balochistan Levies Force predominantly consists of local officers who are familiar with and well accustomed to the political and law and order landscape of Balochistan, thus fulfilling the concept of community policing. Crime ration in Levies administered areas are very low owing to the fact that it has firm support and assistance of the communities and tribes. Balochistan Levies Force is a multi tasked oriented force and it has most important role in security of mega projects, security to foreign delegations and also helping government in addressing tribal disputes, supporting district administration and health department in polio vaccination, attending road accidents, tackling calamities and pandemic as a front-line force.

The Balochistan government has approved a comprehensive four-year “revamping and restructuring” program on 11 September 2018 in order to make it an efficient and modern force and to bring it at par with other LEA’s.  New specialized wings for counter-terrorism, digital communication, China-Pakistan Economic corridor, special socio-economic protection unit, intelligence and investigation, quick response force (QRF) and bomb disposal squad(s) have been established.



  • Balochistan Levies duties include but are not limited to the following:
  • Maintenance of law and order which includes patrolling and highway patrol,
  • Execution and service of judicial summons and warrants and manning gaols.
  • Protection of vital installations, railways tracks, bridges and culverts, buildings and railways.
  • Security of foreign missions and delegations.
  • Maintenance of law and order.
  • Natural disaster response and relief.
  • Assist other agencies in the prevention of smuggling.
  • Helps protect the Pakistan – Afghanistan and Pak- Iran border.
  • Collection of land revenue, usher, agriculture taxes, and all kinds of loans including Bank Loans.



The Directorate General Balochistan Levies Force is an attached Department of Home and Tribal Affairs Department. The Organogram of the Directorate General Balochistan Levies Force is as under.

Organization of Balochistan Levies Force

Organization of Balochistan Levies Force